OMNIport TCPIP Stack Replacement Therapy

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Subject:  TCP/IP Stack replacement therapy


Do you get disconnected with "connection reset by peer" after getting half
of the way through a long download?

Have you been experiencing problems dialing into the OMNIport server when
only a few minutes ago you were fine?

Then you may want to reload the TCP/IP stack.  Every once and a while,
Windows 95/98 will blow its TCP/IP stack.

Here is the fix....

  - Click on "My Computer"-->"Control Panel"-->"Networking"
  - Click on all entries with TCP/IP associated (i.e. Dial-up Networking)
    and click on the "Remove" button to remove them.
  - Once all are gone, click on "OK" to finish out of "Networking", it
    will ask you to restart your computer ... do so.
  - After the machine restarts, go back into "Networking".
  - Click on the "Add" button, followed by "Protocol", then "Add" again.
  - Click on "Microsoft" as the manufacturer then select "TCP/IP" and "OK"
  - Click on "OK" again to save these changes and exit "Networking" ...
    the machine will ask you to restart (again) ... do not restart at this
    time ... you will in a moment.
  - Click on "My Computer"-->"Dial-up Networking"
  - Right-click on "OMNIport" and slide down to "Properties", left-click.
  - Click on the "Server Type" button.
  - Verify that "PPP, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Internet, etc." is in the top
    selection box.
  - Verify that only "Use software compression" and "TCP/IP" are checked.
  - Click on "TCP/IP Settings".
  - Verify that "Server Assigned IP Address" is selected.
  - Verify that "Server Assigned Name Server Addresses" is selected.
  - Verify that "Use IP header compression" is checked.
  - Verify that "Use default gateway on remote network" is checked.
  - Click on "OK"
  - Click in "OK"
  - Restart your machine.

At this point, you should be able to dial in again.

I wish you luck.

OMNIport Technical Support 

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