Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:56:21 -0500
From: OMNIport Technical Support 
Organization: OMNIport NETwork Services, Subsidiary of Caribe Enterprises, Inc.
To: OMNIport Customer 
Subject: [OMNIport] Mail server down


At 14:45 today, the mail server lost power due to a failed power
connector tab on the server's power supply.  We are currently
replacing the faulty power connector and will bring the system up
as soon as possible ... most-likely within the hour.

We are sorry for any and all inconvenience and loss of access to the
mail server you may have experienced.  Rest assured that no data or
e-mail has been lost and as soon as the connection is restored, the
messages that were in the internet bound for the mail server will
eventually be received.

Keep up to date on this any other issues concerning the OMNIport
network at:

OMNIport Technical Support 
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