Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 20:33:29 -0500
From: OMNIport Technical Support 
Reply-To: OMNIport Technical Support 
Organization: OMNIport NETwork Services, Subsidiary of Caribe Enterprises, Inc.
To: OMNIport Customer 
Subject: Power Outtage


On May 9, 2003 from 09:15 until about 15:25 a power outtage occured.

This outtage was due to a "disconnect in error", but it took the
power company 6 hours to flip the switch back on!!!  Of course, the
duration is WAY beyond the power backup capability installed on-site.
Therefore the OMNIport servers were unavailable for 5 to 6 hours,
depending on how long each individual battery backup UPS (uninterruptable
power source) lasted.

Due to this outtage, a larger UPS will be installed to extend the
duration that OMNIport's network may be maintained without line power.
The timing of installation of the added capacity is still unknown at
this time.

Please bear in mind that any e-mail sent to the OMNIport mail
servers should still be received in due time, if the sending
server is set up to queue undelivered mail and reattempt at a
later time.  This is the standard operating procedure for most
internet providers.

Keep up to date on this any other issues concerning the OMNIport
network at:

OMNIport Technical Support 

Please send suggestions and comments to: OMNIport WebMeister
Thank you ... enjoy!
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