Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2000 01:37:09 -0600
From: OMNIport Technical Support 
Reply-To: OMNIport Technical Support 
Organization: OMNIport NETwork Services, Subsidiary of Caribe Enterprises, Inc.
Subject: Router Maintenance & Virus Warning


We have been notified that the Regional Provider will be performing
router maintenance on Sunday night between 11:00pm and midnight.  It
is expected that downtime should be limited to no more than a few

Additionally, many of you are aware that a new worm/virus called the
ILOVEYOU virus has been raising havoc all throughout the internet.
We have posted a new page withing the News & Information Port concerning
this new virus at:

PLEASE visit this link and be prepared in the even that you receive or
suspect any e-mail you receive.

OMNIport Technical Support 

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Thank you ... enjoy!
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