Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 03:22:12 -0600
From: OMNIport Technical Support 
Reply-To: OMNIport Technical Support 
Organization: OMNIport NETwork Services, Subsidiary of Caribe Enterprises, Inc.
Subject: Regional Provider EMERGENCY Facilities Upgrade


We have been informed that the emergency maintenance window set for
midnight on Monday has been delayed.  Due to complications with Qwest,
this window has been moved to 6am Wednesday, March 8, 2000.

Qwest needs this time to do some maintenance on our regional provider's
connectivity and move them to a new router.  Once completed, you will
see a difference in routing.  

The problems encountered over the weekend will be resolved with
this upgrade as well as increased performance.

Qwest has been wanting to take down their old network and place our network on
their new one which will take place during this window.

Please watch for additional information at:

OMNIport Technical Support 

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Thank you ... enjoy!
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