How to make a Hanging Sleeve

You will need a piece of fabric 8-9" wide by as long as your quilt is wide. (This should be on-grain.) Hem the ends by turning under 1/4" and another 1/4" and top stitch. (Yes, it will now be 1" less than the width of your quilt.) With wrong* sides together, fold strip in half lengthwise and sew long edges together. With the seam at the middle of the back of the strip, press seam allowance open. At the same time, you will be pressing a crease at the top and bottom of the tube. On the back side, press another crease 1" down from the top crease.

* If you can't stand this idea, then you may stitch the length right sides together and turn the tube right side out. However, this is an unnecessary extra step and leaves the seam allowances inside the tube to be roughed up as the dowel is inserted/removed at various shows, or even in your home.


To attach the sleeve to the back of your quilt, lay it flat so the top crease is just under the top binding (the 2nd crease and the seam allowance are face down on the quilt back - you should not be able to see them) and pin in place. Your sleeve should come close to the left and right side bindings; not beyond. Pin or baste the bottom crease in position, and then stitch it onto the quilt (through backing & batting layers only!!). Now, release the top portion of the tube, and roll it down until you see the 2nd (underneath) crease. Pin or baste this crease, then sew it to the back of the quilt as above. The dowel, rod, whatever, will take up the extra space you've created in the sleeve and allow your quilt to hang flat from the front.

Special Note: For most shows, your quilt must be 90" or less in length. If it is longer (king size), you must drop the sleeve down from the top of the quilt before attaching it so that there will only be 90" total hanging from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the quilt.

All your quilts should be signed and dated anyway, but show entries require an identification label sewn to the back of the quilt on the bottom right side. This fabric label must include your name, address, and telephone number legibly written in indelible ink, or embroidered. If you plan to leave this label on the quilt permanently, you could also include the date it was made, name (if any), for whom it was made, or any other pertinent (to you) information.

Show entries generally also require a cloth bag (or pillowcase) also with your name on it for your quilt. Remember, the labeling requirement is for your protection. Some quilters even embroider the information onto the backing before quilting the quilt, so that it is really permanent!


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